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Accurate data, tailored to your needs

With our PingPrice™ B2B SaaS application you can consult very useful data that helps you start, monitor, and develop your label/store/brand.

Discover our solutions.

Monitor and compare the prices of your products on a daily basis, in all your sales outlets and those of your competitors. Always adapt easily to price movements in your category.

Get insights into how promotions are being used currently or retrospectively across retailers. Stay informed about promotions to create more effective and relevant campaigns, according to the criteria that are important to you: regions, consumer profiles, product categories, etc.

With our B2C price comparison tool, we offer insights into demographics. Know your customers and passing trade so that you can make informed decisions.

Every brand has different needs and goals. That’s why we collaborate to provide data tailored to your specific goals. We make sure you have what you need.

Do you want to sell your products to retailers at the best price?

Do you want to sustainably increase your margins?

You can’t make informed decisions about retailers and competitors without having the right information, in real time!

We offer you visibility on structured and accurate market data:

  • To better negotiate with retailers;
  • To create strategies that are more customized than those of your competitors.

Our clients get results